10th March 2017- 365 Project

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#365 Blog.

*Disclaimer- this blog post was written at the start of the year. If i hadn't taken so long in getting my blog organised the it would have been up before now. The project started on January 1st 2017. This is posted on 10th of March 2017.*

In 2015 when I compiled my personal work at the end of the year I had a folder with about 120 images in it, That was about 10 up form my personal work from 2014. In December when I compiled my 2016 personal work the folder had 38 images in it.

3irty f**kin 8!!!!!!

I was disgusted with myself when I saw that. I knew that I had not completed & partaken in as much personal work as before but I didn't realise how far I had slipped. I also knew that I need to change that for 2017. So………..

For 2017 I am undertaking a 365 photo a day project. I have decided to take on a 365 as I need a push to get out, make & take a lot more personal photographs. This project is designed to keep me sharp and help me to take my photography a lot more seriously. I am not giving myself a strict brief for this as I feel that could hinder me and make things a bit more difficult to work with. My main objection is to take, edit & post an original photography every day in 2017. There is maybe going to be times when it is not possible for me to gain internet access everyday & post my image but I promise (hand on heart) to take an image everyday & explain why I wasn’t able to post it on that date. I know of a week in May that I will not have internet access but more on that later.

The images will posted on my ‘instagram’ & my ‘twitter’ feeds so please head over to those to follow me and gain access to viewing the photographs. I will on the blog be putting highlights up & most probably a few outtakes as the year progresses.

Here is the first photo of what I hope is going to be a very fruitful, inspired & creative year.

J x

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