13th March 2017- Instagram - johnsummersphoto

13th March 2017- Instagram

I am not a long time or prolific user of Instagram but a lot later than the rest of the world I signed up to the photo posting social media platform a couple of year ago. Im not sure why I signed up but if you are a professional photographer you really should be all over these platforms. Its like all social media- If you are not on it you wont know who or what is. By not signing up its honestly like missing out on the new toy!

When I first signed up I wasn't sure what really to post? Was it phone snaps? Was it my portfolio? Was it behind the scenes work? At the start I worked on the premise of posting iPhone snaps. The square format of Instagram (the only thing available at the time I signed up) I enjoyed and for a time I only shoot with my iPhone on square format.

As I used it more I was still just putting snaps up but got the point that I noticed that I should be putting more of my ‘proper’ work on there as it is a good way of people finding and noticing your work. That leads to the dilemma of how to present your work?

Instagram has moved on from the square format to letting you post landscape & portrait photographs but these can dramatically change the look of your feed and your online integral presence. The square aspect of the feed can give a false impression of your true work if someone is just going to scroll the feed rather than open and take in your full images.

At the start of the year I began a 365 photo a day project (Here) and I made the choice to not limit the crop format I shot in but wanted to use Instagram to present and show the project. This let me to working out a template that would show the images properly on the screen but also show them well and keep a uniformity to my feed. As it follows in my professional work, my wedding work, my wedding albums and my website I like clean edges & white backgrounds- I feel this lends a timeless aspect to the work. This had a huge influence on my template choices.

Since the start of the year I have been posting everyday but have held of posting anything else as I didn't want to ruin the feed but also didn't want to confuse the 365 with any other work so another template was needed.

In my feed you will start to see photos appearing with a white clean white square template and the photograph as cropped in the middle. To differentiate my work form my 365 photos my logo will be placed under the image in the centre. I feel that this will keep my feed looking clean & crisp but still show my work correctly.

Please follow me on Instagram as I am uploading and posting daily. You can find and follow me here.

J x

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