22nd March 2017- The Photography Show

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The Photography Show.

I decided to take a trip down to The Photography Show on Monday. It is the annual photography show at the NEC in Birmingham where all the largest companies go to show of there new products/ kit & equipment.

I have not been down for a few year but have always wanted to to go and check it out. The show has changed dramatically since I was last there. The last time I visited it was still Focus and you could tell then it was not as busy as it had been and was needing a boost or change.

The Photography Show organisers have certainly made a huge difference, All the major manufacturers were present with huge stands busting with cameras and equipment to test, ask questions about and dream of owning one day- Im looking at you Fuji with your dam fantastic GFX! There are talks to fit your day and lectures so specific that its scary to your needs. It was pretty much photo geek nirvana.

I was shocked when I got into the exhibition hall. For a start I thought that Monday would be the good day to go as the weekend is the time that a lot of amateurs and hobbyists would make the trip so the Monday may give a bit more room and space at the show. I was a bit right but mostly wrong on that mark! Arriving from an early flight the crowds and queues to get in were huge.

It is a strange experience going to one of these shows. I was there for a few specific reasons, to talk & catch up with a few of my suppliers, to take in a couple of the talks and presentations that I felt would help me in my photography and to see products that I had only viewed online. (its always good to hold things to see how good/ poor they feel!!)

The talks that I saw where on the whole very good, unfortunately for me my phone rang at the wrong point of a talk I was enjoying on instagram and branding (it was on vibrate but seeing who it was i had to rush out to take it). I couldn't get near to any the presentations and classes that Adobe were doing because of the queues’. I know to arrive at there stand a lot earlier in future and the same with the social media stage. No seats to be had anywhere!

A main question I have for these shows is why do so many people insist on taking every bit of camera equipment they own? I saw a lens getting the front glass smashed as it swung from a shoulder into the side of a stand, I was hit in the side myself a lot from cameras and lenses on peoples shoulders, the same with the massive camera bags they were carrying. I know there is the odd model to photography but are you really going to use a photograph taken from a strange angle under exhibition hall tungsten light in your portfolio?

Leave the cameras at home and enjoy walking about and seeing the new products that the companies have worked so very hard to bring us. Take notes during the talks and presentations on paper or the notes bit of your phone, don't try to record to talk from the back on your iPad as that mic is not going to cut it as well as cutting out the view from people behind! & for crying out loud MEN (maybe women do this but i cant say i saw one on the day)- please do not act like disgusting pervs on the models who there to work!! Its just wrong and you give us all a bad name.

I do not want to leave this writing on a that sour note so I will say that I enjoyed my day, chatting to everyone that I met (new & old) and will do my best to be back next year.

PS- be ready for a day of walking as i put my pedometer on on the way through the entrance and walked over 4 & a half miles in my time in the hall!

PPS- I shook Joe McNallys hand!! Fan boy swoon!!

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